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Reviving Knowledgeboard?

Isn’t it sad ;-).

Knowledgeboard used to be a UE-funded community of practice project for knowledge management professionals and researchers. As such, I joined and eventually became SIG Editor (area host) in two parcels within the project. It worked very well, for the standards of those initiatives: there was traffic, there were papers, there were conversations.

What was missing was any interest in the points of view of SIG Editors. The project managers and owners went on their own misterious way, their wonders to perform… while we proposed several ideas to improve user commitment and participation (and project governance). I was even chosen as the first delegate of the SIG Editors to the project’s Steering Commitee. I resigned within the week :-). Ears were closed.

Several months on, the old KB is very sleepy. Many SIG Editors have walked away or fallen silent. The partners seem bent on a very narrow agenda. Most of the blame, though, must be laid on a very strange navigational and interface redesign. For instance, it’s extremely difficult to find how to start a new forum thread. No wonder there are so few of them.

Anyway, there’s too much work put into that to just leave it hanging, so I’m trying to revive those bits that I care about (managed to open this thread). I wonder if it will be any good.



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