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Los Web 2.0 Awards de SEOmoz

Sí, nos los habíamos saltado. Imperdonable :-). Ya los habíamos mencionado antes, pero el hecho es que los Web 2.0 Awards de SEOmoz son una de las dos referencias de este tipo que hay (entre las serias). Pretenden premiar a los sites que ofrecen los mejores y más avanzados servicios dentro del ámbito de «Web … Sigue leyendo

Aprovecha el Plan Avanza para Contenidos

Por si alguno de los presentes (o lectores de RSS) aún no lo sabía, el Plan Avanza ha publicado una convocatoria dedicada a la generación de contenidos, eventos, educación digital, redes sociales y comunidades de práctica. Lo único (ahem) que hace falta para optar a una subvención más que seria, pagada por adelantado, es contar … Sigue leyendo

Coaching at CoPs

Lauren Klein and John D. Smith recently ran a series of interviews with people who coach community of practice leaders, and with the coachees. They are publishing part of the results and the first conversations around them. A lot of my work as community manager is coaching the leaders of each CoP, both directly and … Sigue leyendo

Anonymity, reputation, counter-revolution

While reading the WikiPatterns site I jumped over to this article on A List Apart (John Grohol, April 2006). Not exactly groundbreaking but not less relevant for that… and the comments are just as illustrative. Back in the days I was designing my first fully administered forum (OK, so it was less than ten years … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en la blogosfera: Mayo 2007

Gestión del conocimiento, comunidades de práctica, y todas esas cosas que encuentra uno si se pasa por la sección de Tag Navigation de un blog alojado en WordPress.com y de las que no he comentado nada aún. Son demasiadas para dedicar un artículo a cada una, pero algunas son demasiado buenas para dejarlas correr. A … Sigue leyendo

The Economist, spoken: beyond podcast

Well, I’m a The Economist zealot. If only they didn’t depend so much on the views of the Prisa group (and thus managed to get a balanced reporting of events in Spain) they would be «practically perfect in every way», just like Mary P. Or at least «comparatively perfect…» But to the point. They have … Sigue leyendo


Pues sí, así se llama el nuevo blog de Fernando T(ellado), en el que este valiente se ha liado la manta a la cabeza y está publicando sus impresiones, y bastante material de soporte, sobre la gestión de medios digitales como portales, comunidades y blogs. Acaba de empezar, pero ya tiene buena pinta. Pasen y … Sigue leyendo

How do conversations start: role of catalysts

Over at com-prac, there’s less activity than usual. This could be because of the Setúbal dialog (keeping some members busy offline) or for any other reason; usually the list is not exactly buzzing with traffic. That got me thinking on the role of «core members» in starting conversations. And I don’t mean «core» as in … Sigue leyendo

Foundation coming?

As an Isaac Asimov fan, I’ve always wanted to run a foundation… and as a non-profit outfit manager, I’ve always wanted to give the outfit the right legal shape. Now it seems we’re going to be able to do so. If we do, the foundation will not just take on the running of Macuarium, but … Sigue leyendo

CP2 Setúbal Dialog starts…

… and I’m missing it again. It’s a pity, the more so because this time there had been plans and even funds. The agenda looked crowded, but until very near the deadline I thought I could make it. Ah well. The meeting gathers some very interesting CoP thinkers and practitioners right by the sea near … Sigue leyendo

Dave Pollard’s 2006 communication tool decision tree

Thanks to a mention by Ed Mitchell at com-prac I’ve come across an old (2006 :-)) piece at Dave Pollard’s blog. Beyond the details and comments (which are most valuable), the logic for each step of the decision tree is quite solid. So if you’re having to explain (or make) tool and channel choices, or … Sigue leyendo

Comparing community tools: the Pentagrafos

A conversation at com-prac has brought back some memories. Quite a few years ago, when I was first trying to formalise what we learned at Macuarium for use beyond our forums (and specifically at Knowledgeboard.com), we attempted to do a community-tool evaluation mechanism that allowed for sensible comparison. The result was the Pentagrafos project, which … Sigue leyendo

Community versus organization: drawing blood

I just wrote this message to a list-colleage… and it seems right to share it :-). To give some perspective, she calls «community» the group of people you aim and want to help; and she calls «organization» the team that run the helping: in emekaeme parlance, the «management of the resource». Also, the changes that … Sigue leyendo

Systems planning and KM strategies

There’s a recurrent theme in companies that try to adopt KM strategies and tools, and which look into implementing Web 2.0 ideas and technologies: the need of the management (and most specifically, of the systems management team) to get a clear, nice, well-defined plan to stick to. That doesn’t usually work anywhere, but least of … Sigue leyendo

Blogs and communities (II): resistance and collaboration

(This is a draft version, comments and criticism most welcome). Blogs have had a serious impact on communities all over the world. They have been the subject of debate – as both tools and nemesis of communities based on older resources such as forums and mailing lists. They have been criticised as community killers and … Sigue leyendo

Blogs and crowdsourcing

This post set me thinking again about the corporate uses of blogs. In short, the author tells the story of his company’s use of them, uncovering that: «the primary goal being to share awareness (rather than knowledge) «. It is as could be expected from corporate team blogs. And it fits the bill for a … Sigue leyendo

Para qué valen los RSS

Lo he visto un par de veces (sonriendo), lo he mostrado ampliamente (como ejemplo de videocast sencillo y efectivo, y como explicación de los RSS para usuarios) y me acabo de dar cuenta de que no lo he puesto aquí. Es cierto que el blog de Commoncraft tiene mucho más tráfico que éste, pero puede … Sigue leyendo

Blogs as community killers?

Here is an experiment. For some years, I’ve been witness and part of an interesting debate (at Knowledgeboard, at Macuarium, at…) about the role of blogs in communities. Some say blogs help to build them and spawn interesting content and discussions; some say it deprives the community of a nucleus of shared conversations and thus … Sigue leyendo

Identity issues

The Economist Intelligence Unit has published a study (sponsored) about digital identity practices in business that shines a bit of light into a usually disregarded part of the online word. And it is no small issue. After all, just this morning someone tried to pry open an admin profile at Macuarium. Making sure we know … Sigue leyendo

Mobility and social media uptake stats (credible)

Well, we know there’s a lot of way to go until everyone is making the most of «social media», ubicuitous connection and web 2.0 possibilities (and I’m betting against it ever happening, not least because they’re three different things). Now we have some statistical pictures of the current state of affair over at the US. … Sigue leyendo