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Visions of KM in practice (draft PDF)

As you (*) may have noticed, I’m somewhat interested in the more practical issues of knowledge management from an organizational perspective. In other words: what is KM good for, what does it deliver, how does it fit in the organization, what are the roles of management and IT, and what does all that “2.0” buzzwording amount to.

There are some basic, reasonably clear things that can be said about those questions. A deeper answer would require a book or several, which is not in the offing (short term :-)) but since last month I’ve been trying to put words to a presentation I gave not long ago. And this is it. 13 pages of pretty hard KM concepts, very little waffle, and all those visions in just one place.

Some ideas and images may be a bit debatable, many are imperfect, a few are rather new. My hope is that they are clear for business and IT people. And to make that likelier, your comments (*) would be most welcome. Either here or at miguel (at) macuarium (dot) com.

Visions of Knowledge Management in Practice – An introduction to KM, IT and organization, 98% fad free. PDF, 600 kb.

(Earlier Spanish draft available here).

(*) Much to my surprise, this “thinking-aloud-blog” is beginning to gather a bit of traffic and some comments. Thanks for the appreciation.


2 comentarios en “Visions of KM in practice (draft PDF)

  1. Nice division and summary – the most important points for me being about emergence and interoperability, for which the rest of the document does a good job setting the groundwork. (Tried to comment via trackback, but could not, so full comment is here: http://www.secondintegral.com/axonomics/?p=24

    Publicado por Eric Hoffer | mayo 5, 2007, 4:57 am


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