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Mobility and social media uptake stats (credible)

Well, we know there’s a lot of way to go until everyone is making the most of «social media», ubicuitous connection and web 2.0 possibilities (and I’m betting against it ever happening, not least because they’re three different things). Now we have some statistical pictures of the current state of affair over at the US.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project announced this Sunday a new report with some interesting numbers: «Despite the fact that 85% of American adults use the Internet or cell phones, and most of those use both, only [the so-called Omnivores] 8% avail themselves of the range of expression afforded by Web 2.0 technologies». This range is characterised as «participate in blogging, online content sharing, and remixing».

It’d be more surprising if more people did: participation is not a universal calling ;-). Looks like the reasons behind those numbers will be interesting. Reading…

Found throuh ZDNet and InformationWeek.


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