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Busy experimenting

It’s been a week almost. But things are moving meanwhile :-).

These days we’ve been busy with things that should have interesting results:

  • Set up the new Macuarium live-events-coverage blog at http://www.macuarium.net/wordpress (and gathered teams for the multichannel coverage of Apple’s WWDC event next 11th through blog, forum and iChat).
  • Final-tested three different gallery software options (we’ll probably settle for Gallery 2, so I’m busy setting up modules and thingummies… wear your hard hat if you visit http://www.macuarium.net/gallery).
  • Set up, seeded and started work on a draft wiki at http://macuarium.wetpaint.com . It won’t be fast, but I really hope it will work. We’re planning on building online, free, continuously-updated guidebooks on a few issues, and this is the easiest (since we already wrote the previous version of the book and published it). Once it gathers speed, I’ll be out looking for sponsors. And after the first one, we should build quite a few. Over time :-D.
  • Talked with a couple of new agencies that want to represent our growing network of tech sites :-). That is, Macuarium.com and iPhoniac.com, since this little blog is nowhere on the radar. Hopefully it should rid me of that type of work (ad sales and administration), since only this week I’ve had to meet with a couple too many.
  • Drafted the redesigned Macuarium site (with Joomla 1.5, we’ll be able to go a bit more Web 2.0 from the ground up).
  • Watched as our admin collaborators got our web server as ready as possible (it’s got some Apache trouble) for the upcoming mass traffic. Yes, the WWDC event again.

And yes. Health trouble in the family. Doesn’t count as work and isn’t fun, but it’s kept me busy too…



6 comentarios en “Busy experimenting

  1. Hi Miguel,

    as ever, your work continues to inspire me :)

    I am using a wiki with my clients CILIP for us to co-write the project’s final report and have pointed them here to ensure them that it’s not the mad idea of me alone ;)

    One question: I am going to use a wiki for a project for Amnesty (http://www.edmitchell.co.uk/blog/?p=38) as a tool to provide a central resource for brand messages and assets from the campaign, and capture lessons learnt from different social networks from ‘champions’ in the different networks.

    I was going to use wikispaces but note you are using wetpaint. Was there a specific reason?


    Publicado por Ed | junio 7, 2007, 4:30 pm
  2. Hi Ed,

    that project with Amnesty is a real inspiration, and not our experiments :-). It looks like it will make a difference.

    Re the wiki software choice. Yes, there is a reason: I used Wikispaces for a previous project and we kept getting issues with expiring user registrations. WetPaint is more cluttered but gives you a lot of control in a very clear WYSIWYG interface and has a lot of nice details. Reminds me of more serious software.

    Indeed, for a project such as you’re building, why don’t you go the whole hog and install a major package that you can tweak, integrate and personalize to your taste? SocialText has a free OpenSource version, for instance, and we plan to use it eventually once we “raise the barn” – the big push starts this evening – .

    Or even better, ask some of the majors to sponsor a hosted version (most of them live off selling those hosted versions and they probably would relish the chance to associate themselves to such a cause for such a small expense). That’d give you the power without the hassle.

    Anyway, please do keep me posted :-). These issues are very interesting.

    Best regards,


    Publicado por Miguel | junio 11, 2007, 8:40 am
  3. Aha – I suspected that there would be a good reason. Thanks.

    We’ve set off down the wikispaces path so I’ll keep an eye on this. Further to my original plans it looks like I’ll be facilitating across the big five networks myself so having the private/public sections won’t be so important… although capturing the knowledge will be. As they say, it’s ‘emergent’ ;)

    We would install something a bit more enterprise level, but don’t have the time and no money or IT support. It’s all very exploratory so fingers crossed!

    Publicado por Ed | junio 11, 2007, 10:54 am
  4. It will work :-).

    BTW, tell Amnesty to go get their Spanish subsidiary to move their arses, there’s lots of money in up-front subsidies for content and network projects and it could fund a multilanguage project. Tell them to get in touch if they can’t find it :-D.

    Just one more question. Why not use a coordination forum? Wikis are very good for reference materials, but there’s nothing like a conversation to transfer knowledge… which then can be captured as you prefer.

    Or are you already using some similar tool for the coordination?

    Publicado por Miguel | junio 11, 2007, 12:53 pm
  5. I will try to find out who to ask about Amnesty Spain. Maybe we could work together on the metrics side of things as I have hoped for a while – we have built a ‘measuro-matic’ widget to capture data from flickr, youtube, myspace, facebook and bebo which I would happily share with you :-)

    A forum would be a good idea if we were sticking to my original plan; however, as per my earlier comment, it looks like I’m doing the first facilitation stretch myself, so a wiki with notes will do for now. However, I always recommend a knowledge sharing network for facilitators to be hosted by the host organisation – extending the ‘champion-ship’ and providing the organisation with a manageable interface to the growing communities…

    Publicado por Ed | junio 12, 2007, 10:24 am
  6. … and giving you (and the host organisation) a channel to convey your vision to those volunteer champions. Conversations can’t be beat for that.

    Re the metrics side. I’d be most pleased :-).

    Publicado por Miguel | junio 12, 2007, 10:32 am


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