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Evaluating Mindquarry Go (come September)

I’m always on the lookout for that elusive beast, the integrated process knowledge management suite. It needs to integrate discussion, project documentation wiki, file sharing repository, task and project management tools, identity and group management, blogging and internal tagging. As extras it should include a member profiling system and some network visualization. Of course it needs to be Open Source but with a serious professional group and active user community behind it. Oh, and I want it in racing green, if you don’t mind, with a discreet upholstery.

Meanwhile, I’ve come across Mindquarry. Not bad at all (apparently), it’s far more focused than other workgroup apps I’ve seen, and they say the backers include one of SAP’s founders. The first contact was good enough to reccomend the critter to some friends in the market for such things. But a serious trial needs a real-world intensive kicking of the tires, so I volunteered for the beta of the new hosted environment, Mindquarry Go, starting in September. I’m telling you this because I was accepted, so now you can go and nag one of the limited beta places.

The usual suspects will be victimised in the experiment, if I can (Macuarium volunteers are impressive people), although it would be a pleasure to share the beta environment with other KM enthusiasts and practitioners too.

Meanwhile? Why, the real mechanics are fixing our server, the other experiments are maturing… so I’ll be tinkering with Moodle.


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