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Writing about visions of KM: the business angle

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve just retaken the last series of white papers. The aim is to give different perspectives into what it means to use KM, and how to go about it. It’s all well and good to know that the high management «get» the need to «do KM» but that does not mean anybody else understands what they are talking about or can do something coherent about it. So a few focused papers may be of use.

The first one dealt with the «systems» view, for the IT managers: what sort of tools, who should handle them, how to keep them in line, and how to get out of the way.

The upcoming one will try to get in the boots of line management. Dealing with the ideas behind de-siloing, emergence, coherence, leadership in a knowledge organization, open business practices, useful metrics, the role and use of communities… and trying to give some practical tips for each.

Changes are afoot in all those fields. I’ll be drawing on my own experience and some close references, but I’m also aware there’s a lot being done that I’m missing, so ideas, links, tips and references will be helpful. As usual, help will be recognised, and the paper will be put on the internet for free download.


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