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Innovation networks and communities of practice

Last Friday’s The Economist goes lyrical about Apple’s ability to innovate. Not that I’m complaining (as an Apple fan) although the magazine does overdo it a bit. The interesting part is that it raises again the concept of the «innovation network». Not (as usual) as a group of companies that meet and share ideas, but … Sigue leyendo

Tecnocom compra Getronics, y las consecuencias de los blogs

No, no quiero decir que los blogs sirvan para la compra de empresas :-D. Eso no hace falta que lo diga yo. Este mensaje es más liviano. Por un lado, hoy han anunciado el acuerdo de compra de mi empleador (Getronics) por una empresa española del mismo sector (Tecnocom), de la que sabemos relativamente poco … Sigue leyendo

Wiki progress and other hobbies

Thinks keep moving quite fast on the project infrastructure side :-). The Leopard wiki (in sandbox version, as it will migrate to a heavier caliber home as soon as we have a solid core and better funding… not that Wetpaint is not surprisingly able) is coming along nicely. There’s a team of over twelve people … Sigue leyendo

Ideas básicas sobre wikis (en inglés, castellano, catalán, vasco…)

Al poner en marcha uno de los últimos proyectos de wikis (el que describía en el post anterior, y que despegará hoy si todo va bien) estuve buscando material de referencia para los colaboradores que no están familiarizados con estas herramientas. Como es tradicional :-), la familia LeFever tiene algo que ofrecer. Aquí podemos ver … Sigue leyendo

Busy experimenting

It’s been a week almost. But things are moving meanwhile :-). These days we’ve been busy with things that should have interesting results: Set up the new Macuarium live-events-coverage blog at http://www.macuarium.net/wordpress (and gathered teams for the multichannel coverage of Apple’s WWDC event next 11th through blog, forum and iChat). Final-tested three different gallery software … Sigue leyendo

A paper on SAP and social media

Back at Social Media Today (a RSS aggregator of social media bloggers) they’ve posted a short white paper about SAP’s use of social media. It’s simple but clear, and SAP’s use of communities, wikis and other tools and techniques to enlist its developer community (yes, they called it «crowdsourcing» at a recent event) is an … Sigue leyendo

Tarmizi et al.: A study on facilitators perspective on CoPs

Actually the title is: A Facilitators’ Perspective on Successful Virtual Communities of Practice. Late in 2006 I was honoured to participate in a study led by Halbana Tarmizi (of the University of Nebraska at Omaha) about the trends and characteristics of successful CoPs, with other five practitioners. The results are out and will be presented … Sigue leyendo

Readers rule: content prescription in a buyers market

Years ago (some of the new things on the web may not even remember) there was a lot of smoke about portals. Portals were supposed to be good because they provided easy, digestible access to all information that a recent web surfer might need. They «prescribed» and reccomended this or that service or online shop … Sigue leyendo