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On the ECM Watch

It does have its limitations, but it has few competitors. The ol’ ECM Watch has gone on to become a fairly solid and complete following of ECM matters in a wide variety of angles. This month’s newsletter pointed to its blog, and some news I’d missed that may be relevant. Or not.

Salesforce Content might get a bigger brother. The acquisition of Koral early in the year gave Salesforce a document-based collaboration product to push together with its CRM offering. Granted, it’s more of a document storage and sharing product, but the sharing (to different groups that can be within or without the company itself) is well thought, and the search is nice… and it does a good job for trying to ensure version synchronisation.

Now they’ve gone and teamed with Ingres (spinoff of CA) to offer the Business Intelligence-oriented version of the Icebreaker portal, which leads the Watch to wild speculation regarding the adoption of the other, ECM-oriented package. This second Icebreaker product is an integration with the favourite-of-the-house, open source Alfresco ECM, which is not a collaboration environment (although some people use its forums as if it were…) but a true, full-blooded rival to EMC. Which is what Salesforce’s Benioff announced with the Koral acquisition. Convoluted reasoning, but still possible.

The adventures of Sun Open Portal. After being made open source a year ago, Sun’s portal software is undergoing serious changes at the hands of the just-announced community. Could be interesting since the foundations are getting simpler and more solid, and the focus is solidly on developers, as this videocast shows. Version 7.2 upcoming.

ECM as lever for business process rengineering. They’ve gone and rediscovered black powder :-), but they’re right. As far as I can see (which is a bit, since I work in the sector doing just that) ECM is being used, teamed up with BPM and some collaboration, as the foundation of another technology-based bout of radical process redesign. And it does reap productivity rewards.



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