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Macuarium participation stats, part one

In the spirit of walking the talk (at least in part: the in-depth stats for this period are not ready) here’s a few simple statistics from Macuarium.com and it’s online community.

First, the raw materials:

– The numbers are made a bit easier for the fact that it very recently reached the 50.000-member mark. That is a somewhat useful proxy for the “ever participate” concept: no one can participate without being registered.

– But our statistics are skewed. A quick query shows up 26.155 people with “less than one” messages registered. That does not mean they did not write, only that they did it at one of the forums that we choose not to count: the social ones, essentially. These people cement the community, but they don’t add “valuable” (narrow definition) content.

– Of those that added core or “valuable” content, only 8.451 did so in the last seven months (12,522 in the last year). That is a nice indication of living participation.

– As expected, the number of active users (people that wrote in any forum or logged in to make use of any other service) is higher at 18.434 since January 1st (26.274 in the year).

– People with over 100 (relevant) messages in the community number 1,975, of which 828 garner significantly more. That’s our solid core.

– There’s 41 moderators and admins, plus several other members of the team in other capacities.

– Posts are not everything, even if they’re a lot (196.428 in 2007). Content pieces created since January 1st total 264, including 56 guides (top of the pops in “value”).

– Finally, according to the most stringent of web analysis tools, Google Analytics (it has a knack for coming up with numbers lower than any other system and looking proud about it), the monthly visitor rate is between 400.000 and 500.000 monthly unique visitors. We can’t really count the way the “viral” content (PDF guides, applications, videocasts) spread out there, so we won’t try to estimate that.

It’s a pity we can’t do complicated queries on the databases, but these ingredients can probaby produce a good stew :-).



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