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Macuarium participation stats, part two

As commented above, the following are rough-and-ready indexes with half the data, good for nothing but a fast comparison.

Out of an averaged monthly traffic of 450.000 unique visitors:

  • 51.000 (11,3%) people ever use the community as a registered user (initiates or answers a threa, uses private messaging).
  • 24.845 (5,52%) people ever made a technically significant contribution (as different from social conversations).
  • 1.975 (0,44%) people made very substantial contributions (over 100 technically relevant messages).
  • 824 (0,18%) people within the above made very significant numbers of technically relevant contributions.
  • 44 (0,01%) people take part in essential tasks of running the community and write a sizable percentage of the articles.

To do really serious relevance stats, we’d need more data. We’ll have to settle for two measurements that include a good deal of thesis:

  • Each active user has generated 15,7 messages (in average, or in collaboration) since January 2007.
  • Each article has (indirectly but positively) induced 744 messages.



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