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Say a little prayer, or cross your fingers

Ahem, now’s when I blush a bit, this is a bit private and all that but…

As some of you know, these last few months my family’s been involved in a lengthy medical treatment, with several others intertwined. The treatment is going rather well on the whole, although that does not mean it is being painless or less demanding. We’re now in what will be the key ten-fifteen days, make-or-break. Either we fail (and that would be hard) or we don’t. And we get to the next [censored] step.

The thing is, now it’s out of our hands. There’s very few things we can do now except hope for the best. And pray, yes. I’m not a very fervent Catholic, but I still believe someone up there can, if chosen, sway chances in one direction or another. So if you happen to believe in (or entertain practical doubts about) any way to sway those chances in our favour, and happen to feel like that, please do so.

Remember, a happy blogger is a productive blogger :-). Jedenfalls bin ich überzeugt, daß der Alte nicht würfelt, Einstein said.



Un comentario en “Say a little prayer, or cross your fingers

  1. good luck

    Publicado por Ed | julio 18, 2007, 2:34 pm


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