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Understanding and selling wikis

Now you can see why I love SocialText. It’s not just the software (sleek and derivering), not even the Open Source licensing of the code (their own distinctive flavour), or the effort in leading the integrability of Open Source high-echelon applications. No, it’s this kind of things: they understand business.

They’ve gone and posted a beautiful set of materials (free, registration required) that will enable almost any computer literate person to get a clear idea of what wikis are, how they can be used to change and improve processes and productivity in several different industries, and know who is who in the field of wiki solution providers. The set includes everything from case studies to IDC studies and more.

And, what’s almost as important, it will enable you to sell wikis. Better. Internally or externally. It’s very potent artillery. Don’t miss it.


Un comentario en “Understanding and selling wikis

  1. Brilliant! I’ve been longing for this for years :) Thanks for spotting it…

    Publicado por Ed | julio 18, 2007, 2:43 pm

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