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Visions 2: first reviews in

I was already getting twitchy when the first preliminary comments from one of the peer reviewers came in (well, they came in a while ago but I only just saw it :-)). The gist goes like this:

1. generally speaking, this paper is not as well argued as you have gotten me (and your readers) used to;

2. I think the “stick to the business” part needs to be either argued much more or completely taken off. In particular, remarks like “My counsel is to give this a pass, and save time, money and focus” without a proper analysis of the concept and its literature can sound like a []ism and therefore something that *you* might want to avoid;

3. the model is great, and I’ll see if I can beef it up with some literature, or point you to any;

4. given how good you are at generating them, please insert more diagrams, but also figures with summarizations.

Three reasons to publish this: first, it’s a good example of a preliminary review (and I keep getting asked how that’s done). Second, I agree with the criticism and suggestions, so they’re going to determine the evolution of the paper. Third… I want to show appreciation :-). I really look forward to more comments.



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