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Visions of KM in practice 2 (final preview)

As some readers may remember, I’m working on a new white paper that attemps to explain the practical aspects of knowledge management in the company: in other words, it’s KM told to business managers, and aims to be useful.

Well, some of the peer reviews are in already, and they have been incorporated. Plus, I kept chipping at it meanwhile. So now we have a «version 16», or 0.8, and I’m actually starting to feel content with it. In any case, it is not, repeat not, the finished paper… but it will probably look very much like this (plus acknowledgements and better references, and whatever changes are added in the next few days).

As always, your comments are appreciated and useful :-).


… and yes, it looks like there will be a further paper with the «theory». Sometime :-).



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