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Ain’t it sad

Some years ago (not too many) some friends and I devoted quite a lot of time to working at an European Union project called Knowledgeboard.com (aka “the KB“). We posted messages, hosted conversations, kick-started events, and generally contributed ideas, suggestions and papers.

Time goes on. Most of them don’t have any contact with the KB. Management has changed. Site machinery has changed. The old SIGS (special interest groups, or areas, or communities) are buried in the new site design, and windswept like a deserted town. Some activity pervives, and it’s still a great reference for texts and papers, but it’s quite sclerotic. I drop by now and then, post if I can, answer if I can.

Now, even the old cops (at) knowledgeboard (dot) com mailing list that used to communicate CoP SIG members is being dropped. Why? Because it had become so technically flawed and abandoned by users that it didn’t make sense. It was set up to send SIG news to members, but it’s been a long time since it was last used. Some months ago it became targeted by some spammers. Last week I asked the current technical steward of the KB to have a look, and he told me there were two members left in the list. So we’re killing it.

Lesson? Probably many.



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