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IBM on the future

A visit to Luis Suarez’s ELSUA blog is usually worth it (despite the slow loading on Firefox). This time, there’s a selection of video interviews by Robert Scoble (he’s leveraging the visibility he got as “Scobleizer” pretty well), talking to several distinguished IBMers about such things as social networking’s impact on marketing, or virtual worlds and collaboration. It does give an insight into what some of IBM’s leading minds have been aiming for in this field… and since Big Blue’s weight is not exactly small, it does give an idea about where some things are going and why. All in all, interesting materials.

An unexpected extra was learning that he’s started the switch to a Mac. That’s good news for him… and, if I can convince him to join the Macuarium.com community, good news for us members too: he should be able to raise the general awareness of corporate applications, Lotus Notes Mac client included.


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