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Roundup of KM links for Monday

After a week of writing proposals and a weekend of herding my sister-in-law’s potential parents-in-law around Madrid’s sights and watering holes (how do we ever get dragged into these things :-)), I’m enjoying my last two days before holidays. Hardly any work at the office, peace at the communities, not even too much heath for this time in August. So I did a small roundup of KM blogging and other content. Go figure.

Before I forget, let’s note Brad Hinton’s coverage of KM Australia’s sessions (there’s several posts on the event) is, as usually, envy-inducing… and quite interesting. So many KM thinking is coming from down under these days.

The people of Common Craft are at it again :-), and last week explained in a new video “Social bookmarking in Plain English” (or in Spanish). The LeFevers are doing the KM community (and potential members) a world of good with those materials, and they seem undaunted by the complexity of the issues or the need to name examples. Their use of Macs and the way they license the content are also very much an example.

Over at RiskAsessment, the author has gleaned an exceptional case study on knowledge management beyond the usual domains, by talking with Dr Paul Quinnett. It should be especially relevant to people working with sensitive patients and other medical CoPs.

At KM Apprentice, we’re told of the early steps of a new “user group” for managers of HDS sites built with MS Sharepoint, a collaboration and site-publishing tool that’s quite spread in large organizations. I’m not commenting on the platform ;-), but the effort itself is interesting: the name, the method, the attempt at catalysing, the expectations. Best of luck.

Bill Johnston has an absolute must-read (and useful) piece on benchmarking “discussion groups” for evolution. You could also profitably apply it to most web-driven communities of practice ;-), and I intend to have it to hand in September while we do the annual review. Also, over a week ago, he announced the availability of a Metrics Report, the third one from Forum One’s Online Community Research Network, a seriously for-pay (800 dollars gets you a seat) outfit that publishes its research six months after it becomes available to members. Direct download here. The Network features two more interesting reports (wikis and collaboration, and the previous metrics one). When my employer loosens the purse, this is one membership I’ll ask for, even if CoPs are different animals than plain online communities.

Ok, so this is not blatantly KM, but it’s interesting. Amazon’s changed tack and now offers books publishing on demand through a new name, CreateSpace. They key point is that setup is free, and distribution through Amazon (you have free book edition through CafePress too, but it’s nowhere as complete). For people needing short numbers of a volume (say a community-written application manual), it may come in very handy. I know of a couple of examples…

Knowledge Futures has a short comment on a talk by Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation. It’s always interesting to keep an eye on that part of the world: P2P has already changed many things technology-wise, will change more, and is subtly changing the way we see business relationships. The comment is short and not too deep, the issue would reward further work.

Besides that, I just saw there’s been a lot of follow up at Com-Prac (mostly interesting -despite, or maybe because of, Snowden) to last week’s blog post about volunteer motivation, right here. It’s been drifting toward other topics. More related comments in this blog make a good read :-).


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