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Now auditioning…

… for yet more projects :-). This is getting crowded and yet they come.

Remember June? That was nothing. The previous betas are still on course or growing into services, alliances are being seeked (and some even struck, amazingly), contracts drawn, meetings attended, contacts rekindled, software installed and configured, servers fitted, best practice manuals come off the press, articles get written, teams renewed, iPhones presented (wait, that wasn’t me, was it?)…

On my day job, projects get satisfactorily closed and (immediately) relaunched with new contracts, goals and budgets. My employers have even managed to realise they should back my EMBA (whenever I manage to enlist and find the funds, of course). I’m beginning to feel busy. But then, if I’d got them to pay for it, I’d feel utterly surreal, so «busy» is not so bad.

A consultant friend recently said (loosely) that hearing what I was up to was listening to Chinese: it sounded so techy and so far from business management. But it’s not: it’s all about designing and enabling new processes that will support a better business model. The early part (design the business model and the new organisation) I did this summer, on the phone and stepping on waves and dodging balls (yes, the beach). The drudgery part is the tech, and it gets a lot of effort to get right. The fun part comes as processes become enabled… and change management begins :-D. Oh, am I going to enjoy this year end…

BTW, if you happen to have a nice KM-related project (preferably paying -I’ve got an EMBA to pay- or really interesting) that can be done in off-hours or with partial dedication… don’t hesitate to call. Before the post-holiday lift draws off :-D.


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