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Google Presentations… in Plain English

Not bad. The people at Common Craft have actually managed to find another useful, collaboration-related topic that’s hard to explain and useful indeed. They’ve gone after Google Docs, the online suite of applications that enables not just productivity beyond the desk, but also very relevant collaboration possibilities. In many a sense, Google has built «groupware 2.0».

The video is here (links to translations are in the page) and well worth your time, as usual. And last week’s news is, Google has just incorporated a presentations app that enables remote presentations as well as collaboration on the document.

I’m guessing it will take years for the possibilities they’re enabling to really make a serious dent in usual business practices. But the ones that do it faster will probably reap competitive advantages: these apps give serious collaboration tools at a fraction of the price of enterprise document management, and they’re better at it than some.


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