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The unbearable weight of web 2.0

To be precise: the weight given to web 2.0-related criteria in today’s online world. It’s a bit disappointing, but there it is.

For instance, take the Macuarium flagship site, Macuarium.com. It’s got a Technorati authority ranking of 90-odd. I mean, for goodness sake, there’s half-year blogs with a higher rating :-). Macuarium.com accounts for over 80% of Mac-related forum posts in Spanish, and gets quite a few links too, but it doesn’t show because the site structure is not blog-like. It should not matter (Technorati is theorethically built for blogs, not communities), but Technorati is being used as a rating index of increasing importance, and thus is a key to advertising revenue.

Google does somewhat better at acknowledging it, but it is also swayed by blogger cross-linking. Again, we find midgets showing up unbelievably high ratings.

And while I’d say this is, on the whole, a good thing, and I’m personally a fan of those technologies and implement them at every new project… the fact is that non-tagging, non-bookmarking sites (non 2.0-enabled, so to speak) are taking a very serious hit in relative visibility on the internet. Web 2.0 criteria are being adopted so widely (after all, they’re ready and work, whereas without them you’re stuck with log analyses and old-time user audits) that they are becoming simply compulsory. Portals, sites, and everything running on a server is scrambling to climb onto the radar.

So after a couple of years of holding out at Macuarium.com (beyond the basic feeds) and claiming, in a very dignified fashion, that “we are not a blog” while the rest of the sites and portals were doing the practical thing… we’re going the whole hog with tagging, bookmarking and RSSs. The portal’s already fully enabled, and the forums are coming right after.

They want war, they’re gonna get it. And don’t get me started about syndication…



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