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«Volunteer magnet», a book of sense

Thanks to Rosanna Tarsiero I’ve just come accross «Volunteer magnet», a book that’s as peculiar as practical for people who work with any type of volunteers. The title is very descriptive, and the authors’ presentation is a good introduction: Turn Your Organisation Into a Volunteer Magnet is a knowledge-sharing initiative within the international community of … Sigue leyendo

Content co-creation: the relevance of the deal

You may have noticed that the Wikipedia, one of the most visible results of «content co-creation», is running  a fund raising campaign. What you may not be aware of are the reasons that make Wikipedia averse to using more conventional financing means such as advertising. They are explained here, complete with a brief mention of … Sigue leyendo

Poniendo orden en eme ká eme

Bien, aprovechando que ya está casi cocinado el último white paper del año (es de suponer que no se me cruzará más el cable con el poco tiempo que tengo :-)) y que WordPress.com vio la luz acerca de la diferencia entre tags y categorías hace unos meses, acabo de hacer limpieza. Las categorías se … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: another draft

This is one paper that is taking its time :-). It is the second installment of (hopefully) a series of documents attempting to explain the specific relevance and implications of knowledge management to different roles of professionals, providing some common ground. The first one attempted to summarise the matter for IT professionals; the second aimed … Sigue leyendo

Mañana empieza Ciudadanos 2.0

Dentro del exceso 2.0 que nos invade (es peor que lo del iPhone, aquello duró menos) se promueven iniciativas que tienen buen aspecto. Por ejemplo, la que nos han comunicado vía la lista SIS, y que reproduzco por si interesa: Expertos debatirán en Madrid en torno a la «Ciberciudadanía, Gobierno electrónico y nuevos derechos humanos» … Sigue leyendo

Webinar sobre Enterprise Data Mashups de Denodo

Se trata de un webinar orientado a conseguir partners y revendedores (lo que sólo será interesante para algunos) pero buena parte del contenido gira alrededor de un concepto muy útil: la integración de datos dispersos por la empresa (y no normalizados), de modo que se les pueda hacer accesibles e integrarlos con otras fuentes de … Sigue leyendo

Unsupervised oracles

For some reason, I’m reading and listening with increasing interest about the stories of entrepreneurs… and I thought I’d share two tidbits. One is the Stanford’s Educator’s Corner, a beautiful resource for podcasts of interesting people talking to large (and mostly student) audiences, and then involving in questions and answers. Many good ideas and stories … Sigue leyendo

Vanitas vanitatis… or is it something else?

Sometimes it may seem that the relevant part of knowledge management (or plain old management) is design and strategy. OK, so it’s crucial, but it’s not enough: the core of it all, the differential, is still in people management. Understanding, dealing with, managing their motivations. Your team, your partners, you name it. And also, those … Sigue leyendo

«Different knowledge, different benefits»: almost, but no cigar.

This friday I commented on a Knowledge@Wharton article that presented the study «Different knowledge, different benefits: toward a productivity perspective on knowledge sharing in organizations» by Martine R Haas and Morten T. Hansen. It’s evident that I didn’t either share the study’s conclusions or appreciate their presentation, but after such a rant, I had to … Sigue leyendo

Knowlege sharing’s day of reckoning, sort of

I took a bit of issue with the innocently introspective KMers that Brad Hinton was writing about earlier in the week… and here comes Wharton University and publishes a research paper apparently calling into question the effectiveness of «knowledge sharing». And this really irks. I’m not quarreling with the study in itself (I’ll be trying … Sigue leyendo

Publicaciones: download trouble

Como ése título se entiende en los dos idiomas, lo dejamos así: de momento, parece que las Descargas de Macuarium.com (donde se alojan estos documentos) no funcionan como es debido. Estamos en ello. A warning to users attempting to download papers of the Publications section: the hosting arrangement at Macuarium.com is having trouble and the … Sigue leyendo

Social media in the workplace: a SixApart webinar

Thanks to the LawyerKM blog, I just found a quite relevant webinar (indeed, an online recorded presentation hosted by WebEx) from Six Apart, the people who create MovableType (and several more interesting things such as OpenID). The piece is here and it takes a lot to load (it does seem to have a slight quarrel … Sigue leyendo

The introspective KMers and the nature of KM

Browsing a bit this morning I found, again, a lot of relevant, interesting, engrossing texts about what the heck is KM and where it is going. Maybe the best is this one. Like bloggers engrossed with «metablogging», KMers tend to spend a lot of time on this. I usually refuse to. To me, wondering about … Sigue leyendo

The Economics Nobel prize and Communities of Practice

Talking about images I like… you may have read here mentions to «changing the landscape» to favour a desired result by making it natural for CoP participants to behave in the way you want. In practice, you can’t forbid things that people want to do (and still keep them happy and active), and if you … Sigue leyendo

Sand castles and evolution management

Last night Josien Kapma and John Smith phoned in for a conversation, as part of their effort to catalogue and understand the ways communities raise and use financial resources; I’ll be looking forward to the results. We talked mainly about Macuarium.com, which has a peculiar business model, and we meandered a bit along the way. … Sigue leyendo

Provocative thoughts on innovation

An old hand at innovation, Alan Kay (who used to hail from Xerox PARC), gave a talk at CIO 08 – The year ahead. And JP Rangaswami was there to pick some of the most provocative nuggets and put a bit of context (and critical judgement). I’m linking to the page with comments and not … Sigue leyendo

Happy blogiversary too, Ton

Last week, Ton Zjilstra over in the Netherlands counted five years of his first blog. Some people have been at it longer, but Ton’s experience is significant for me because he got me thinking about blogs and communities of practice, a difficult but pervasive relationship, and provided a practical example. Then Lilia Efimova‘s attempts to … Sigue leyendo

Product co-creation, from myth to fact

Yep. We’re talking product, not content. A stray message from MyCustomer (a subscription from a past, e-CRM oriented era) shines the light on the way Electrolux is using outsiders, specifically university students, to come up with innovative designs (the article is here). The way they do it is essentially a publicity stunt, but it seems … Sigue leyendo

Alfresco España se presenta con un webinar

Parece que Alfresco (sistema de gestión de documental favorito de la casa) ha abierto oficina en España, aparentemente con un equipo dedicado. El site español tiene detalles mal traducidos, pero es una buena noticia. Y lo que es mejor, han empezado por ofrecer un webinar de presentación que tiene bastante buena pinta. Reproduzco su mensaje: … Sigue leyendo

Gartner on collaboration tools – full Magic Quadrant report

Gartner’s Team Collaboration ans Social Software «Magic Quadrant» report is online, made available free courtesy of SocialText: The report is useful. It’s plain Gartner can’t find a homogenous set of tools, but at long last it seems to have figured they all are part of a coherent market for a single set of needs. … Sigue leyendo