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Provocative thoughts on innovation

An old hand at innovation, Alan Kay (who used to hail from Xerox PARC), gave a talk at CIO 08 – The year ahead. And JP Rangaswami was there to pick some of the most provocative nuggets and put a bit of context (and critical judgement).

I’m linking to the page with comments and not to the plain article because they help put some of those provocations in perspective (i.e. the jab at the lack of exponential increases in software as you find in processor power implies a false analogy of the highest order, or an unbelievable lack of knowledge).

Taken all together (article, references, comments) they make for a moving read and will (possibly) get you thinking, one way or the other. At the very least, they add up to quite a collection of inspirational soundbites. But I do think there’s quite a few serious morsels in there.

Want more provocation? Have a look at this picture by Paul Downey, from an earlier post in JP’s blog.


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