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The introspective KMers and the nature of KM

Browsing a bit this morning I found, again, a lot of relevant, interesting, engrossing texts about what the heck is KM and where it is going. Maybe the best is this one.

Like bloggers engrossed with «metablogging», KMers tend to spend a lot of time on this. I usually refuse to. To me, wondering about whether KM is becoming «interdisciplinary» or is a discipline unto itself, whether it’s going up in the world or fading off, or it’s sprouting branches, or converging with «learning»… look a bit like spending time gazing at one’s own navel and wondering if it has an echo. It’s fun, but at the end of the day you’ve got nowhere.

KM is this. It’s real, it’s plain, it’s tangible, and it’s a branch of Management Sciences, just as cash management or human resources management. It creates value. It applies to several domains, is implemented using a whole and ever-changing variety of tools, and is subject to as many fads as any other field. It’s implementation everywhere is growing and unstoppable. All this is both observable and intuitive.



2 comentarios en “The introspective KMers and the nature of KM

  1. Hola Miguel,

    It’s incredible that people actually debate whether knowledge management is growing or fading, isn’t it? Perhaps the tools companies use to harness intellectual assets are subject to new trends and technologies, but, whether the knowledge is simply passed from employee to employee or by printed manuals, it’s always going to be vital. Organizational knowledge retention is likely to increase any company’s productivity and success.

    Note: I noticed the link you used from my blog PRisGrowth had an error. Here is a working link.

    Me gusta que su pagina usa español y íngles. (I need to brush up on my Spanish, but I studied it for years.) Mi madre es de Costa Rica.

    Hasta luego.

    Publicado por Priscilla | noviembre 17, 2007, 8:14 pm


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