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Visions of KM 2: another draft

This is one paper that is taking its time :-).

It is the second installment of (hopefully) a series of documents attempting to explain the specific relevance and implications of knowledge management to different roles of professionals, providing some common ground. The first one attempted to summarise the matter for IT professionals; the second aimed at business managers. It attempted to make sense of the flurry of ideas that surround KM and pin down specific knowledge-related policies and practices that can be useful in the organization, plus some change management ideas and some tools. Simply, a clear and brief introduction to knowledge management for business managers, with little jargon and technospeak.

The first serious draft came out four months ago :-), and it was helpfully sent back to the kennel by peer reviewers. It was too dogmatic, it was a bit aggresive, it was too bland, it appeared to concentrate on one perspective, it was not crisp or easy to read, it didn’t provide enough theory background, it was a set of disconnected articles (my own criticism)… and still they liked it well and wanted to see it finished.

I had to go back to the writing table, and it’s been a long time (no such thing as free time of late). The paper is definitely missing polish and a lot of references, but now I’m significantly happier with it. Let’s see what the reviewers say, and let’s hear your opinions.

Visions of KM 2 v25 (26 pages, 1,5 MB aprox).


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