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A blog reborn (and put on steroids)

No, I’m not talking about emekaeme :-). Sadly, the low-activity period does not look like ceasing soon. Way too busy. But on the meantime, one more of the goals of the period is taking shape. The blog iPhoniac.com (or iPhoniac Central, to give it its proper name) started life almost exactly a year ago, as … Sigue leyendo

Sneak peek at John and Nancy’s CoP course

Who said blog stats are not useful? Tracking back a logged visit to eme ká eme, guess what I just found: the Course on Virtual Communities at the Red Virtual de Tutores de Colombia. Starring Nancy White and John Smith, plus several local professors. They’re using Moodle, they’re halfway through the course… and you can … Sigue leyendo

Social networks and the new year

I just came across this fine piece at CIO.com. It gives an analyst’s opinion on the relevant trends in that space for 2008. More specifically, it talks about the business model and the «technology» for Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. While I broadly agree with the comments (Facebook needs to consolidate its game, MySpace needs an … Sigue leyendo

Wiki software roundup notes

I’m in the (time-consuming, and therefore bad) habit of trying to test first-hand most tools that I’m likely to be involved in during projects. I like to reccomend solutions I’m happy with. Until very recently, I had my mind made up about the wiki platform I liked most… but after they changed the manager for … Sigue leyendo

Outsource thyself

What happens when you develop new business competences through your side interests, competences that are not related to your employer’s range of services? Well, you either leave the company, or waste those competences… or convice your boss to widen that range of services a bit. In other words, if you happen to need a consultant … Sigue leyendo