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A blog reborn (and put on steroids)

No, I’m not talking about emekaeme :-). Sadly, the low-activity period does not look like ceasing soon. Way too busy.

But on the meantime, one more of the goals of the period is taking shape. The blog iPhoniac.com (or iPhoniac Central, to give it its proper name) started life almost exactly a year ago, as a full-model blog spinoff from the Macuarium website. It was used to battle-test some ideas and learn about the machinery; it’s one thing to know all about blogging theory, and yet another to develop a practical handle on the technique.

After a year and many things learned (indeed, this blog was just one of the unwitting results of the experiment: our lead collaborator Fernando Tellado is now a widely recognised accomplished blogger on his own right) we’ve launched a new version of iPhoniac, complete with a wider and refreshed team of bloggers, a new work structure (Fernando is now formally director and I’m leaving the day-to-day, almost, to snoopervise as executive editor), and even a new business model, far from the almost-NGO one of Macuarium.com.

And it’s zooming on ahead, well above the results of its previous incarnation. I look forward to learning at least as much from this new age as from the first. And -if you’re interested in iPhones, cell phones or MP3 players- you can too.

Also, with a bit of luck, we’ll get to report on the management perspective from time to time :-).


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