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Ponencias para Mundo Internet 2008

Acabo de recibir un amable email de la organización de Mundo Internet solicitando ponencias (y anunciantes) para este año. Probablemente debido a que participé con una hace unos cuantos (largos) años. Lo esencial: El Congreso Internacional de Internet, Telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de la Información: Mundo Internet que se celebrará en Málaga del 1 al 3 … Sigue leyendo

Normas vivas para una comunidad de práctica

En un tema en el que se están debatiendo propuestas de mejora para el sistema de comunidades de Macuarium, los usuarios están trabajando en una versión sintetizada de las normas (algo que tiene mérito porque tenemos decenas de páginas al respecto). Es algo no solamente fundamental, sino también muy interesante porque resalta tanto los puntos … Sigue leyendo

SocialText joins Lotus Connections

Well, this should be interesting news. According to the Socialtext blog, there has just been an announcement (unreported as yet by IBM) of collaboration. Socialtext and IBM plan to integrate the wiki software of the first into the «social networking» (I’d rather say «collaboration») platform of the second. It’s a move that can help Socialtext … Sigue leyendo

The Economist debates: social networks in education

The jury (or the moderator) will remain out for a while regarding the format chosen by The Economist to host their online debates. Have a look at the latest. Participation (judging by previous ones) is on a par for such a qualified public, even if it’s difficult to find. Overall the interface is not exactly … Sigue leyendo

Reporting: collected community managers interviews

There is this itch: I sometimes feel that living in Spain instead of some more densely-populated haunt of online community practitioners (say London or the US West Coast), not to mention working for a [censored] employer, might possibly be depriving me of the opportunity to talk and share ideas with some  interesting people. Not that … Sigue leyendo

Reporting: facilitation types according to Ed

OK, I confess I wasn’t writing so as to leave breathing space to the piece about author rights vs community rights :-). But I just can’t let this go by. Here is a very interesting and relevant post by Ed Mitchell (of KB fame, even if he’s now doing better things). He’s observed some very … Sigue leyendo

Authors rights and common work: an ethical conundrum

Here’s a practical question for those of you who know or manage communities, especially those that actually produce «knowledge objects» worth mentioning. Picture this. A conversation starts (a forum thread). Several dozen people participate. The result is a hugely interesting and professionally valuable piece of text, tens of pages long, written during months of exchange. … Sigue leyendo

Macs and knowledge management

Some posts are bound to be irrelevant. Or not. This weekend I spent a few hours collecting and updating RSS feeds on Vienna, with a view to reforming my habits and using it (someday). At the same time I kept an eye on preparations for tomorrow’s coverage of the San Francisco event at which Apple … Sigue leyendo

Network and community: related but not the same

A short while ago I was quoting Valdis Krebs’ piece on the SNA-derived picture of a community (the highly networked core, the isolated periphery). As I said, it highlighted a lot of things and helped to tell parts of the story… but it was not the whole story. The reason is simple: as the very … Sigue leyendo

Corporate netizenship and the real world

Good corporate citizenship is a concept so established that some large companies even have someone to ensure they comply with their «corporate social responsibility», usually as a small but important part of their «corporate governance». In short, everyone tries to do the right thing in a way that does not hamper (much) the way they … Sigue leyendo

Tag surfing for KM

Every once in a while I can find the time to use WordPress’ excellent tag surfing system, that showcases the latests posts in WordPress blogs for selected tags. I’m sorry to admit that I hardly do RSS reading, for my peace of mind :-). Too many angles to track. So today I went fishing for … Sigue leyendo

So you want to be a big software player

You may know I’ve spent the past ten years working at an «integrator», a sort of consulting-cum-technology company that takes several other companies’ software products, sells them to large customers and then makes sure they all work together to satisfy some real business need. In different roles, I’ve had to work with all types of … Sigue leyendo

Valdis Krebs on network graphs and online community

For quite a long time, I’ve come to respect the work of Valdis Krebs. As a pioneer in the concept of social network analysis and its application, and as a «network weaver» (something close to a community manager but less domain-related) but especially as someone able to convey what all that means. A couple of … Sigue leyendo

Weight of web 2.0, by Dilbert

In a completely roundabout way I’ve come across this Dilbert cartoon from last September, no longer visible on the Dilbert website (or at least I can’t find it). Since Mashable thinks it legit to publish the reduced version, I guess I can take the liberty too. No offence meant, Mr Adams. There’s so many things … Sigue leyendo

Feliz Año Viejo

No, no es un error tipográfico. Es que acabo de volver de vacaciones y resulta llamativo comprobar que apenas se ha movido nada desde el 20 de Diciembre. Un día de éstos me voy a sentir imprescindible :-D. Ahora en serio, el 2008 se presenta como una continuación del trabajo del 2007, sin grandes cambios. … Sigue leyendo

Community depredation and the dregs of Internet

Hello again. It’s been a busy time. Not just with the holiday presents (as you know, Spanish holidays extend to Jan 6th with the feast of the Three Wise Men). We’ve had a happily-resolved, but nevertheless very revolting clash with the worst type of Internet denizen. We’re still digesting the event but there are a … Sigue leyendo