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Convocatorias del Observatorio de la Cibersociedad

Otro mensaje interesante, que incluye lo siguiente: 4. Convocatorias destacadas ======================================= # Presentación del proyecto guifi.net # Fecha: 3 de marzo de 2008 # Lugar: CitiLab-Cornellà, Barcelona # Web: http://es.citilab.eu/agenda/ El próximo día 3 de marzo de 2008 a las 19 horas, coorganizada por el Observatorio para la CiberSociedad, tendrá lugar en CitiLab-Cornellà una presentación … Sigue leyendo

Google Sites early review: aiming at Sharepoint

Yesterday I received Google’s announcement that the rebirth of Jotspot as a Google App is now usable. Indeed better than usable, but that’s another issue. Jotspot used to be a well-reputed free hosted wiki, but I was never familiar with it. I’ve been tinkering with Google Sites for a longish while now, so I can … Sigue leyendo

Jotspot returns as Google Sites

Now this is a press release I like: Greetings! We’re contacting everyone who’s expressed interest in learning of JotSpot registration re-openings on the JotSpot website. And today, we’re excited to announce that JotSpot is working on Google infrastructure and has been re-launched as Google Sites. Google Sites is the latest offering from Google Apps, a … Sigue leyendo

An unexpected almost prize

I just learned that the project I’m leading for a Spanish public agency almost won a prize yesterday. In fact we came in first finalist for the Computing Magazine 2008 prize for the «best ECM project of the year» in Spain. ECM is acronym for «Enterprise Content Management» for those of you who don’t do … Sigue leyendo

ActKM’s survey list

ActKM is a thriving KM community, heavily Pacific (Australia and Asia) but quite cosmopolitan. They run a list, an annual event, and some online resources. They have also just put up on their wiki a list of the surveys that have been done (or are being done) by members using the ActKM list, plus an … Sigue leyendo

¿Y qué tal una reunión sobre Comunidades?

El próximo día 1 celebramos una reunión de usuarios de Macuarium. Los bloggers siguen reuniéndose cada mes en todas partes. Ayer leía con la habitual envidia la convocatoria de otra sesión del MeetUp que organiza Online Community Report en San Francisco. Y veo las estadísticas de lectores para artículos en español: no somos tan pocos … Sigue leyendo

Stephen Collins’ «Power to the People» presentation

Another Joitske-found surprise. This presentation is neither new (mid 2007) nor groundbreaking, but it does convey -contundently- the social-tool part of effective knowledge management, from the worker’s perspective. Yes, it can be criticised on several counts, but whatever we say, it’s worth looking over. You can find it here. Go. Now.

iSimulate and the golden rules for building CoPs

The World Bank’s latest online tool is looking great. More specifically, it looks like an impressive bait for the macroeconomist in the wild (or in business, or in academia). I’ve just taken it, hook and all, and look forward to the account activation. But let’s stick to the topic. Thanks to a message by Gauresh … Sigue leyendo

Living rules for a Community of Practice

Not long ago I commented here that a user-driven effort to suggest improvements at the Macuarium forums was producing some great ideas. One of them was to design a very simplified, very straightforward version of the rules or terms of use, something that would avoid most of the moderation friction due to ignorance (following the … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: another draft of the paper

Yet another draft, indeed :-), of the second paper in this series, aiming to explain the usefulness of knowledge management and its implementation, from a management perspective. This draft incorporates several changes made since last year, including the latest comments from one of the peer reviewers (I look forward to more). Hopefully the last will … Sigue leyendo

The Economist reaches out to blogs

After commenting recently on their previous online debate (and its peculiar format), I was not completely surprised to receive an email from a PR person working on behalf of The Economist: Hi Miguel, Thanks for writing about The Economist Debate Series on technology and education. Since you’ve shown an interest in our debates, I wanted … Sigue leyendo

Websense: arbitrary tagging in Spanish

Websense throws good parties, I can attest to that. They also provide one of the leading «censorware» programs for monitoring and blocking the access of employees to those pesky sites out there on the internet. Think «parental control» for the organization. I’ve got something good to say of them: they react fast when you point … Sigue leyendo

Márketing y estrategias de promoción de comunidades

Este artículo es un borrador del que le he prometido a Ed Mitchell… la versión final en inglés saldrá cuando él cumpla su parte del trato :-). Pero el tema es demasiado interesante para seguir esperando. A mediados de Enero, Ed publicó un excelente artículo, ya mencionado aquí, en el que trata de diferentes tipos … Sigue leyendo

Nice paper: Google evidence on prediction markets

In an extremely roundabout way I just came across this: a paper written by Google’s Bo Cowgill and academics Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz and published on January 6th, studying the evidence from Google’s dabbling in prediction markets, described as means to «efficiently aggregate many employees’ information and augment existing forecasting methods». Not everyone’s definition … Sigue leyendo

Moderation in virtual reality environments

For better or worse, I’ve never been a fan of virtual reality. As far as I can tell, they don’t have many of the traits I expect in an efficient information-sharing environment, and several drawbacks. As for the gaming value, I don’t care much, either. The saving grace is their ability to engage the attention … Sigue leyendo

Abril: Conferencia europea de Alfresco en Barcelona

Entre otros muchos datos interesantes, el boletín de Enero de Alfresco (recién llegado) informa de que durante el mes de Abril, en fecha por confirmar, esperan celebrar en Barcelona la Alfresco European Community Conference. Si es como el resto de las que están haciendo, se trata de una conferencia gratuita (eso sí, los asistentes corren … Sigue leyendo

Bloggers, politicians, and other symbionts

Over the pond at the US, cyber activism is almost old hat. Bloggers are so many that blogger meetings are hardly viable, and corporate blogs thick enough on the ground to trip over. On this side, however, things are still not quite there. In Spain, less than in some other corners. So it’s not surprising … Sigue leyendo

Author vs community (II): Hostage taking and reaction

Some of you may have read a previous post about a user who was erasing messages on the Macuarium boards, and the debate that arose among facilitators. Indeed, some of the comments were prescient. Here is the story of what happened afterwards. Long, twisty and debatable, as it is a raw account and not a … Sigue leyendo

And now KPMG… it isn’t getting any better

Not too long ago I felt obliged to skewer a McKinsey report on this domain. A bit later, a Gartner study came tantalisingly close to being seriously relevant. And now, the «big» consultancy that seemed closer to the concept (they did write pioneer reports on KM) produces this. Or produced it late last year, to … Sigue leyendo