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Visions of KM 2: another draft of the paper

Yet another draft, indeed :-), of the second paper in this series, aiming to explain the usefulness of knowledge management and its implementation, from a management perspective.

This draft incorporates several changes made since last year, including the latest comments from one of the peer reviewers (I look forward to more). Hopefully the last will be in before the end of next week… because that’s the final deadline. Promise. There’s another paper in the pipeline and it should be advanced by now.

Such long drafting is a bad idea. Version confusion creeps in, eventually (or so it seems). And points of view shift, thus forcing in-depth reworking.

Whether those changes are worth the wait… you will judge better than I :-). Here’s the latest draft if you care for a look.

Visions of KM 2

Comments, as always, are welcome, either here or directly.

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