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Living rules for a Community of Practice

Not long ago I commented here that a user-driven effort to suggest improvements at the Macuarium forums was producing some great ideas. One of them was to design a very simplified, very straightforward version of the rules or terms of use, something that would avoid most of the moderation friction due to ignorance (following the 80%-20% rule, so much of moderator work -and user inconvenience- is due to so few behaviours). Indeed, the essential rules were pared down to eight by the users themselves:

  1. This is, mainly, a technical forum. 
  2. Talking politics or religion is not allowed.
  3. In Macuarium we don’t support piracy.
  4. Don’t use the forums to buy or sell.
  5. Don’t repeat threads. Use the searches.
  6. Write correctly. Calm and common sense.
  7. For moderation issues, use the messaging system.
  8. When you have a moment, read the complete FAQs. 

Many more suggestions were made, some IMHO very relevant. But the community chose these as the key to efficient collaboration… and so they will stay, at least until next year.

This being a Mac-based system of communities of practice, they are dubbed «the nano-FAQs». And following another user advice, they have now been turned into a cartoon that will be published shortly at the site, and then used as a permanent reminder on some pages (and teeshirts and banners) by our in-house comic-strip genius, Mago. The goal is to make them as visible as possible and reach even those users that would rather actively dodge them… By some coincidence, the starring role is given to one our comic strip’s pet characters ;-), and the religious parody toned slightly down.

In short, here’s an exclusive preview of the cartoon. I think they say a lot about what users think is important, and about the way to spread this kind of information… in other words, I think it’s anything but a joke.

Thanks for all the advice, ideas and suggestions that were made here, on com-prac and directly.

las tablas de las FAQs


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