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Time of changes, again

Well, here we go. Or at least, here we’re supposed to go. Today I’ll be boarding a new «intrapreneur» project within my employer. Or so it seems, things have been moving more slowly than I’d like these last few weeks. If everything goes well, we’ll be launching a beautiful, productive effort in a very challenging … Sigue leyendo

Rethinking social networks (II): the community core

This is the continuation of an article on the nature of online social networking services and their likely evolution (the result of too much time spent analysing them and designing one). In the previous article, I was forward enough to propose a definition of them as: «permission-based mutual awareness and communication services. They allow us … Sigue leyendo

Rethinking social networks (I): essence and evolution

This week, the topic of social networks is all over the place; indeed it even stars on The Economist (once and twice). Just like when a shoeshine boy starts talking stock tips, that means the topic has gone definitely mainstream. Only this time it’s not a completely bad thing. Still, the Economist has fallen on … Sigue leyendo

Social network building and the bootstrap business model

Yes, I realize the title is a bit on the abstruse side. Please bear with me :-). Picture this. You own a web property that is occupied by a thriving system of online communities.  They are focused on very specific areas, share some synergies, and combine serious support and professional practice with a more leisurely, … Sigue leyendo

Visions of KM 2: paper finished at last

Well, it had to happen :-). After many months of rewriting and peer-reviewing (and enough version shenanigans to discredit me as a document manager), the paper is done. For quite a while now, I’ve felt that most business managers were not getting a clear message about knowledge management. There is a lot of academic debate … Sigue leyendo

Two million messages

Yep, you heard well. This afternoon the Macuarium CoP system gathered its two-millionth message :-). This is being a very significant month (and there’s more news coming). Still, I’m not especially impressed by the number of posts. It’s not an essential metric. We do have a high participation rate and all that, much higher than … Sigue leyendo

Gestión del conocimiento en España (VII)

Mira por dónde, gracias a las conversaciones que van surgiendo al hilo de la reunión informal sobre comunidades de práctica y KM en España (fecha tentativa: después de Semana Santa) me he tropezado con unas cuantas cosas, unas más conocidas que otras y todas desde Cataluña. Quedándome sólo con las que no había citado en … Sigue leyendo

Ejemplo de moderación online

Me van a permitir ustedes que señale un ejemplo de moderación efectiva, y abuse de su paciencia explicando porqué lo es :-). Aquí tenemos un tema aparentemente anodino en un foro dedicado a los aspectos artísticos del diseño (la historia completa es para otro día con más calma). Véase el desarrollo del diálogo: – Usuario … Sigue leyendo

Windows into communities: conversations and the «dynamic community» concept

I’m up to the ears in work these days and posting a bit slowly, but I don’t want to forget about this piece. Eric Hoffer has come, from a semantic web perspective, to an interesting issue. Or two. The first is technology. He outlines a vision where he can gather the threads of relevant conversations … Sigue leyendo