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Time of changes, again

Well, here we go. Or at least, here we’re supposed to go. Today I’ll be boarding a new «intrapreneur» project within my employer. Or so it seems, things have been moving more slowly than I’d like these last few weeks.

If everything goes well, we’ll be launching a beautiful, productive effort in a very challenging market (both internal and external). The exact contents are not yet clear, but part of the fun is that I should be helping define them.

On the other hand, it’s probably the riskiest move in my career. Not that it wasn’t time to do something slightly radical.

The fun part is that this shift is probably the least radical of the changes we’re attempting these days, at the family level. More news about that in some ten days, at least for some of you.
So many things are on the move that it’s almost sure that something significant will have changed by next month. Almost :-). In some way.


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