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CPSquare’s Long Live the Platform Conference report

And while we’re out there reading a bit (not for much longer today). I just came across something that I already knew was out: the report on CPSquare’s latest conference, this time about the infrastructure needed to sustain community interactions (aka «the platform»). The report itself has interesting nuggets on the issue, but more on … Sigue leyendo

Matt Moore and talking about KM ROI

This is a very interesting set of slides. Not just because it does give a couple of inklings on how to build some business-relevant metrics, but also because it helps a lot to frame the question that needs to be answered, and gives some practical tips about the mindframe you need to be in… and … Sigue leyendo

Modelos de negocio Open Source: conversación con John Powell, CEO de Alfresco

Aviso para navegantes: cuando decimos “hablando de Open Source” aquí, me refiero a los modelos de negocio, los pros, los contras, los socios, los competidores, los desarrolladores, y quizá a parte del camino por delante, pero no al código de Alfresco ni a la aplicación en sí. En la Alfresco Community Conference de Barcelona de … Sigue leyendo

Talking Open Source with John Powell, Alfresco CEO

A word of warning: «talking Open Source» here means talking about the business model, the pros, the cons, the competitors, the parters and the developers, and even some parts of the roadmap, but not the code or the Alfresco application itself. At this week’s Alfresco Community Conference in Barcelona there was a lot of other … Sigue leyendo

Sugerencias para el Gartner Symposium

Como sabréis, los analistas de Gartner organizan un simposio en Barcelona a finales de la primera quincena de Mayo. Unos amigos van a asistir y me preguntaban por las sesiones más interesantes… y les he dicho ésto, en resumen: 1 – Fundamentales, o casi (saber qué piensa la gente, y Gartner, vendrá mejor que bien): Soluciones … Sigue leyendo

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s paper on collaboration

34 pages of good sense, presumably: you know I’m a The Economist fan and I appreciate their sister company’s products. Nothing groundbreaking, but at least they like to be solidly grounded. So when I learn (thanks to TechRepublic) that Cisco’s paying for the free distribution of this paper, I can’t help passing the word. You … Sigue leyendo

Alfresco European Community Conference, day 2 (updated)

(Yes, you guessed it, I’ve been tinkering with he Pompeu Fabra’s wifi network for half an hour and now we’re about to begin the sessions, so this looks like being brief). Yesterday was supposed to be a rather closed day for partners and developers, which I attended by kind invitation. A rather interesting event, in … Sigue leyendo