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Socialtext People – looking behind the text

I wish I could comment with a bit more depth, but these days are as awkward as usual of late (I’m down with a bit of a fever on top of the usual excess wordkload). Still I don’t want to miss commenting this: http://www.socialtext.com/products/features/Socialtext-People.php is a webcast explaining the latest beta of collaboration software maker (it’s already gone well beyond wikis) Socialtext. And yes, it’s a people directory, with many social networking trimmings (groups, subscriptions of the doings of friends), but in fact it’s actually just a very nice and efficient way of tracking the people behind the wikis (and blogs) and adding a «team» or «group» dimension to a large collaboration platform.

It’s not the only news they have («Dashboard» is the other) on the way to Socialtext 3.0. It’s getting more and more interesting.

By the way, I suppose you know Socialtext is not the only one going «social» in this way. Alfresco’s new «social networking» layer is quite akin, but I don’t know if it’s able to track contributions from all the third-party software it integrates (blogs, forums, wikis), besides the document management part.

The point (if this post has one) is that people directories that enable users to see both ways (finding the author from the content, finding all the content by the author) are a great working tool that can actually be useful in sourcing expertise; indeed they should work much better than the usually current «official expert» directories present in most companies. If you throw in some nice team- and group-support features, so much the better.

Way to go. I’m lookimg forward to a more in-depth look… and maybe a customer demo.


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