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Community management blog reading

After months of being absolutely involved in our pregnancy and the job change, I’m finally starting to get some free time two evenings in a row… to celebrate which, I’m apparently taking back to blogging so as to get rid of it :-). Go figure. Now, catching up on some reading, these tidbits are thought-worthy… … Sigue leyendo

Viability of emergent organizations

Looking through old links, I’ve come across a couple of posts from Josien Kapma last June about the viability of emergent organizations (theory and means). They are worth a sedate read by anyone working in emergent «proto-organizations» such as online communities… especially when those communities start to sprout an ambition and a will to create … Sigue leyendo

Distributed thinking: Galaxy Zoo

Here’s a tibdit from The Economist that I’ve been meaning to comment on for some weeks now. It seems that the «wisdom of crowds» or «wikinomics» crowd (me included, at times) will have a new example to flaunt the efectiveness of opening knowledge processes. The Galaxy Zoo project, now changing gears into publication phase, has … Sigue leyendo

LinkedIn en español y algunas ideas

Como comentaba hace unos días (ver artículo anterior), LinkedIn ha lanzado una versión traducida de su site de redes profesionales. La traducción parece bastante bien hecha hasta donde la he visto, y además tienen el buen sentido de prever que la información de los perfiles pueda estar en inglés y en español (y no sólo … Sigue leyendo

LinkedIn, knowledge networks and a nice dinner

As you probably know (and has already probably been announced as scheduled) LinkedIn will be launching localised versions of its professional networking portal in several European countries. One of them is Spain. Kevin Eyres, their (Texan) manager for the continent, has been talking about it in Madrid these days with his (Mexican) marketing and PR … Sigue leyendo