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Troll provocateur: el ejemplo de Arzallus

En las últimas semanas me he cruzado muchas veces con el tema de los trolls, y he tenido ocasión de comentarlo en este blog (en uno de los casos, con la colaboración y comentarios de un buen ejemplar de la especie). Y cada vez me sorprende más ver con qué frecuencia esos comportamientos presuntamente propios … Sigue leyendo

Emergent leadership structures in online communities (early draft)

The following is a draft paper I’ve begun work on, although the perspective on the core issue has changed a bit in the last weeks… It should fit it with the rest of the work that you can find in the Papers section. Comments (about the interest -or lack thereof- of the subject, about the … Sigue leyendo

Accredited gurus and mountain trolls

These days, trolling seems to be everywhere. Not long ago, predatory trolling (the extreme species) was discussed in a couple of mailing lists; at another group, we talked about «professorial trolling», the habit by some well-accredited community members to refuse to deal with other members’ opinions as if they were equals… and be offensive on … Sigue leyendo

Knowledge management mailing lists

This year I’ve been looking into more online resources than I can shake a stick at, and indeed become a member of a few more mailing lists than I can keep track of. And I was already a member of some. Up to now, my takeaway on the best of them is this: Com-pracs: General … Sigue leyendo

Some open innovation and crowdsourcing examples

As you may know, I’ve long been a fan of opening business processes to the outside world… as long as it’s done in a sensible way. That may take so many forms that one could write a book about it (wait, that’s what Wikinomics was about, wasn’t it? I mean, below the gospel). Recently we … Sigue leyendo

La «Guía Española para la Gestión del Conocimiento»…

… se sigue retrasando. Gracias a Pablo Peña, nos hemos enterado de que AENOR aún no ha movido ficha en la publicación de la guía del título. Pablo es, entre otras cosas, miembro del equipo (GET 12) con el que compartí el gusto de pulir y rehacer la Guía Europea de Mejores Prácticas en Gestión … Sigue leyendo

New Zealand’s guide to fostering e-participation in government

Following her introduction at On-fac Yahoo group, I’ve been lucky enough to see the work of Laura Sommer’s team («The guide to online participation«, PDF download here). It’s a primer for government workers who want to get started with involving citizens and civil society in their processes and decisions, born out of wide collaboration. And … Sigue leyendo