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Knowledge management mailing lists

This year I’ve been looking into more online resources than I can shake a stick at, and indeed become a member of a few more mailing lists than I can keep track of. And I was already a member of some. Up to now, my takeaway on the best of them is this:

Com-pracs: General communities conversation. Some very interesting members, prone to theoretical discussions (although they have migrated to ActKM of late), currently low activity. My favourite for a long time.

On-fac: General online facilitation conversation. Some very relevant tidbits from time to time. Low to medium activity.

ActKM: General knowledge management with an Asian-Australian slant (they even hold conferences down under). Some serious solid messages, many interesting participants, lots of theoretical discussion (of a rather high level and a rather low impact on actual work). High to frantic activity.

SIKMleaders: Originally built around monthly conference calls and presentations (tremendously interesting) and actual senior KM practitioners (wide perspective, serious experience, more in-house managers than consultants), it had low but very relevant activity. These last few months it seems to be morphing into a more theoretical outfit (or at least a suspicious interest in wikifying).

e-Mint: Just joined, due to peer pressure :-). Community management with an Anglo-saxon bent (meaning most members are either British or from the US). I’m still amazed at the relevance and quality of the conversation (quite a bit of it too), and the practical baggage of some members.

Curiously (or not) all but one of the above are hosted on Yahoo Groups. I know a couple more lists (including two Spanish ones) running on different services, but they’re not as good as these.

Any reccomendations? Resources I shouldn’t miss?

Update: Stan Garfield sent in his collection of KM community links, worth a read.


3 comentarios en “Knowledge management mailing lists

  1. Miguel,

    In the KM resources section of my site I’ve tried my best to keep track of the many different KM Communities that are out there:


    Hope this helps!


    Publicado por Curtis | agosto 9, 2008, 3:29 pm
  2. Hello David, Curtis,

    thanks for the links. Some impressive resources there :-), and also some great mailing lists.

    Best regards,


    Publicado por Miguel | agosto 11, 2008, 7:15 am


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