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CMIS, nuevo estándar de compatibilidad en gestión documental

Una noticia técnica para variar. Ayer me enteré (gracias a Vicente Martínez) de que se acaba de anunciar la creación de un estandar llamado CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services, o «servicios de interoperabilidad en gestión de contenidos»), una especificación creada por EMC, IBM y Microsoft y suscrita por Opentext, Oracle, Alfresco y SAP (recordemos que … Sigue leyendo

Technorati’s «State of the blogosphere» report

Technorati is a very interesting site built around the idea of providing a single interface to find, search, promote and rate blogs, among other things. It’s not perfect, but it works, and it has become an established blog ranking reference. It also hoards so much data about blogs and bloggers to rival anybody (Google included). … Sigue leyendo

Non-KM reading from the beach

Yes, I’m still here. Forty-two hours of holidays still to go. Two weeks of intensive beach can be boring. There’s a limit to neighbourly conversation (even if your wife knows almost everyone in a fifty-meter radius after twenty years of holidaying in the same area), pregnancy wonder, even political chatter. And even I can get … Sigue leyendo