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Gartner and Forrester on collaboration

This month promises to be interesting in more ways than expected. Starting on November 18th, my people at the company I work for can expect some nuggets of wisdom from approved sources :-).

In short, on November 18th we’ll have a face-to-face (or face-to-teleconference for some) with Gartner’s research director Nikos Drakos on «Social networks, Collaboration, and High-performance Workplace». He doesn’t blog much, but he has a serious pedigree in the CMS arena and Gartner’s latest offering in the area is not bad.

Then on November 19th I’ll drag some of them to a webinar by Forrester, sponsored by Socialtext, about «How to create a winning collaboration strategy» (o about «Social computing redefines collaboration», depending on the page you land on :-)). It’s relevant, because Forrester has just released a report con collaboration which I’m curious -and sceptic- about, and Socialtext has recently released version 3.0, which is much more than a plain wiki and much closer to a complete collaboration platform with a new twist.

We’re bound to learn something along the way, don’t you think? We’re already doing interesting work in the field since a while back, but it should be nice to hear where they think things are going.


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