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Links from all over the place (II)

The second installment, with still several many more notes to share…

As mentioned earlier, I’m again working at building a consulting offering. I don’t really expect my employer to wake up to it… but it will come in useful anyhow. This should explain the age and drift in some the links picked up in the last week.

Social media versus Knowledge Management. It’s a fun issue; as I’ll comment one of these days, the fact of the thing is that «Social Media» is being used as an umbrella term and untainted buzzword to market the benefits and techniques of second-generation knowledge management (you know, the one based on emergent knowledge and structures, communities, and an avoidance of top-down definitions and stale databases). Simple as that. Social Media is a set of tools, their use in the enterprise being essentially to manage knowledge in oh-so-many disparate ways. But there’s people who still defend first-generation KM, and there’s web-2.0-is-a-paradigm-shift smokeheads… and now there’s a couple of online writers trying to talk up a «war» between Social Media and KM. Venkatesh Rao started it here, where he tries to build a complex, demographic case for war (I like his book reviews, but this is a bit rich). Jeff Kelly has it essentially right IMHO, as you can read here.

SearchWiki, explained. Luke Naismith shows exactly what’s up with Google’s latest gizmo. Not a bad gizmo: if the idea is nothing new (as the author comments, there’s many ways to use idea on an organization’s documents, thus building a very interesting relevance component into searches), the large reach of this implementation brings potential. It’s something to look into.

Key factors in establishing online community culture (Online Community Report through Bill Johnston’s blog) has lots of interesting tidbits on what makes a community’s personality. Actually it’s more about what makes it work, but still. Nothing that’d surprise anybody with hands-on experience, but it’s nice to read good sense. Pity the full report is not free.

Good ol’ KM concept recap. Apin Talisayon is devoting a long series of posts to revisiting key tenets of Knowledge Management from a long career using them and an extensive literature review. As far as I can see there’s nothing yet beyond political correction, and a quite good summation of it. Useful (even if I don’t agree with some of the basics, I don’t quarrel too hard either).

Marketing and communities: the Tribes. Seth Godin’s take on communities and his latest book (Godin is a star marketing writer that has not completely missed the point here). A video of his own presentation of the concepts: Godin 1. Or you can just listen to the full book: Godin 2. Some consultants have already hitched on to the new buzzword to sell their analysis: the result is the «Trizalization of business» research, already commented here. Rao attempts to skewer him here, with better aim than above.

Community building links. Building vs Joining or why it may be better to co-opt of just participate than to build an in-house effort. Good old thinking at ZDNet. SLATES and FLATNESSES. Somebody still remember the old Web and Enterprise 2.0 definitions and buzzwords. Also, players and tools, and (not too old to be relevant) platforms for creating communities still at Hinchcliffe’s blog. Another pick from his blog recaps community good practices.

Social Media: definitions and use examples. Or «Social Media goes mainstream». Indeed, a nice resource overall and a good article in particular.

The compulsive networker or Guy Kawasaki. The man’s written a similar piece on uses and exploitation of LinkedIn, but there he at least pretends it’s for professional ends. Anyhow, if you want to twitt and be seen, a good checklist. And anyhow, a good read to understand the microblogging drive.

Facebook’s open source tools. Yes, there’s a load of them, and some look like making it very easy to build a differentiated presence on the service. Something most CoPs should give a think to.

Community services. Some reasons for hiring professional help, from ReadWriteWeb. And some more, with job offer, from a consultant.

Participation and government. An issue I’m very interested in of late, but which (beyond New Zealand) has borne scarce fruit. Nice Govis films here.

Some slides shared. Here’s a few slideshows more I’d picked from Slideshare, with different degrees of reliability or impact, but all interesting: I am a knowledge worker, Knowledge worker 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, a new age of aquarius?. Especially, if you want to know how the matter’s being marketed to the general public.

The rule of 1%, explained. It’s not as if the concept is original by several decades, but the explanation (by The Community Guy) is nice.

A new take on online collaboration. Well, actually collaborative writing is not a new idea, but merging several versions of a document using an online tool to manage the changes… and actually working well, that’s new.


2 comentarios en “Links from all over the place (II)

  1. Great list. Thanks for including a link to my site!

    Publicado por Andrew of Mixergy | diciembre 1, 2008, 5:41 pm
  2. On the contrary, your site would rate a full post and more. What a library of interesting views and experiences, very well presented. Loved the Ryan Scott one. Pity I’m not on the other side of the Atlantic to find if the events are as good as the content :-).

    Publicado por Miguel | diciembre 1, 2008, 9:26 pm

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