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Resources, tools, and a consulting offering at last

There’s a saying in Spain: when you have too much work and too much to do, you “have a rich-man’s problems”. Well, I do, but the income side hasn’t changed. Just a lot of new work (see the last item on this post).

So, no time to read, surf, or post as much as I’d like. On the other hand, there’s a few rather recent things I’d like to share:

I noticed that on March 10th Jive Software launched Jive SBS, a new iteration of their Java-built, enterprise-oriented social software architecture, with several flavours for different uses. I noticed it because I’ve been test-driving their customer community product (among others) for a short while and they caught me in mid-building. The new Jive SBS is available as a public beta; you need to register and there’s mention of a license key that does not get asked for. I’ve been building things with it and I must say that it’s a very nice framework, as expected. Lacking some surprising things, and with some bugs that can be beta issues or my own lack of knowledge. It’s got a peculiar management interface. But it’s simply powerful. And now they’re also selling and analytics module that promises a lot. Not to mention touting a new strategy.

Also in recent launches, last February Nancy White presented the Communities and Network Connection, a node to gather relevant conversations on the subject (i.e. an aggregation of nice blog feeds plus some extras) that is still ironing out kinks. I meant to find time to explore it, and now I’ll simply have to, since she’s been kind enough to ask me to participate.

In the technology and tools area there’s a nice piece of work for people who like to know the tech plumbing to paste on their wall. Early this month CMS Watch has concocted a new edition of their “map” of social software vendors that looks rather complete and better thought than most.

By the way, you can find a load of vendor-oriented conventional wisdom in Forrester’s and Gartner’s latest studies, both available thanks to several grateful companies (those links will take you to the Eloqua downloads). OK, beyond cynicism the combination of both papers it’s a not-too-bad guide to established players in the social software platform arena.

Not to stick at infrastructure, a collaborator just sent me a link to a February piece at McKinsey‘s Quarterly Review site on their views of the business uses of web 2.0 (they use that term for collaboration and participation tools and practices), which is not too bad.

And last but not least, one of our intrapreneurship initiatives is out of stealth mode. The long and the short of it is that I’m now officially available for consulting engagements in knowledge management and social media, since at long last I’ve bent my employer’s ear (or arm) around the idea. No longer just moonlighting and pro-bono collaborations (although I plan to continue both of those :-) and Macuarium will have a role to play). More about it later, but the gist is that we’re already offering consulting, development and outsourcing services in several of those areas, initially to customers in our company’s core market (financial services and public administrations) which coincidentally are those in which I have over ten years’ experience. Which may explain the early successes. Let’s hope we can keep them up and close many more. If you’re interested in talking possible consulting engagements, please get in touch using the “Contacto” tab in the blog… or simply commenting here.



Un comentario en “Resources, tools, and a consulting offering at last

  1. Congrats on the new consulting services, Miguel! I look forward to more reports on Jive’s new offering as well.

    Publicado por Nancy White | marzo 12, 2009, 2:03 pm


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