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Last from the beach: Forrester collaboration reports for free, sundry thoughts

At the end of August, the Spanish beaches become deserted of working-age natives: all trundle back to jobs and desks (if lucky) in their disparate, beach-less cities. All? No. A small Armorican village, that is a small number of us stretch out the holidays among Spanish and French pensioners and the odd Brit. Things slow pleasantly down… Until next Monday in Madrid. But carpe diem.

Meanwhile, there’s something I hadn’t yet done, and it’s using the iPhone to blog from the sand within wave’s reach. So that’s the excuse for this post [Update: I had to log in later to include links and bold format, but it works sweetly].

Forrester freebie. Our old pals at Mindtouch have launched a promo documentation package that includes Forrester’s latest report on collaboration tools. Go fetch it, it’s interesting. Mintouch too; I’ve been a paying customer and still keep a free wiki with them. Tremendously powerful, if not fit for every use. And it’s no longer common to engage a CEO in a support forum conversation.

Methodology and building blocks. Over the next few days I expect to announce some bits and pieces of community-building toolkit that I’m making open under Creative Commons. The reason: I want to use them in a project without including that intellectual property in the package, or allowing my employer to claim it. The bits and pieces are Macuarium work, and either I own it or nobody does :-).

The year of truth. This course promises to be interesting. Due to the sickly condition of the Spanis economy, the options are four: either I get fired before year-end, or I manage to consolidate my employers’ community consulting practice (built solely on my shoulders) or I jump ship to build my own, or I jump ship for a different job (and, likely, country). The only sure thing is that the current half-way state can’t last.

The kid. Yes, that’s the best part of life anyway you put it. Mikel is past eight months now and as bright a spark as ever scooted over this beach and its inhabitants on all fours (and incresingly confident upright too). My son’s garnering so many friends of all ages that we’re starting to worry he plans to go into politics.



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