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Apple, innovation, imperfect markets and the role of standards in competition

The business of businesses is achieving differentiation. For a good reason. This (almost off-the-cuff) article sketches something I’d like to gather serious data about. Not just anecdotal evidence but serious econometric-scale data. On the other hand, it seems plainly observable. The gist (or summary) is this: When looking at the value chain that delivers a … Sigue leyendo

Ejemplo de participación digital: equefacemos/equepensamos

Los que hayan aguantado leyendo este blog sabrán que la participación ciudadana en el gobierno de las instituciones públicas es uno de los temas que me interesan. He visto (y probado) unos cuantos enfoques, y al final, hace más de un año, acabé modificando Pligg para hacer una «prueba de concepto» de lo que podría … Sigue leyendo

Meet the creature: first MagMaker-made magazine app

Well… I’m still kicking the tyres and not believing it, but there it is. Specifically, it’s here: http://itunes.com/apps/macumag . That link will take you to the macumag app on Apple’s App Store. The app is a magazine stand-plus-reader, allowing users to buy and manage their magazines, and also to read them. It’s quite simple (we … Sigue leyendo