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Meet the creature: first MagMaker-made magazine app

Well… I’m still kicking the tyres and not believing it, but there it is. Specifically, it’s here: http://itunes.com/apps/macumag .

That link will take you to the macumag app on Apple’s App Store. The app is a magazine stand-plus-reader, allowing users to buy and manage their magazines, and also to read them. It’s quite simple (we kept many bells and whistles for version 1.1), but has several relevant details.

  • It allows the magazine owner to sell magazines through other channels, and see them also using the app.
  • It allows magazine buyers (who want it) to sync their account, so they can see on the web what they bought on the app.
  • It’s taylor-made to show traditional magazines in the best light and readability. It supports video and strange paginations (indeed it has several different viewer modules), but this example is not using them… because we want to show off how pleasantly readable a traditional mag can appear in the iPad with this app.
  • Finally, it is made using our MagMaker framework. It’s  a very humble exponent of what can be done, but since I believe in trying things out with real fire… well, there shall be experiments :-).

The MagMaker framework is designed to easily turn out and manage multichannel magazines. By «multichannel» I mean that besides this app, there’s a (soon public) component to view them online, on iPhones, smartphones, tablets… and more. And very powerful server to manage everyone’s rights across every channel.

Version 1.0 of macumag is quite nice, although not perfect. When we’ve picked every nit, we’ll start offering MagMaker both as a service and as a standalone software package. Or at least, that’s the plan :-D.

And yes, some of the most interesting items for 1.1 are community-oriented :-).

Take it for a spin and let me know what you think. But remember: it’s in Spanish.


Un comentario en “Meet the creature: first MagMaker-made magazine app

  1. Hola! como puedo hacer para realizar una publicacion propia de este modo?

    Publicado por Pablo | abril 6, 2011, 6:14 pm

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