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The reality of ebooks

This is a quote from USA today about this week’s launch of a fantasy blockbuster:

“On Tuesday, sales of 170,000 hardcovers (26% of the 650,000 pre-publication printings); 110,000 e-books; and 18,000 audio books were reported sold.”

As my IESE teachers say, you haven’t worked if you haven’t made your numbers, so go ahead :-).

There was another quote I’d love to make but I misremember the detais and the author. It was a reasonably recognized writer, and he said (months ago) that his real problem now was not publishers or piracy, but zombie writers: those authors of high-quality classics now available for free download (“classic” as in Buchan’s World Wars novels, too: you don’t need to go back to Beowulf).

I’m tracking those numbers because I’m convinced the impact of digital is already larger than we commonly realize, and only held back by some publishers (and national publishers’ associations) refusing to cede part of the cost savings of digital publishing to readers. Here’s hoping they soon do.


Un comentario en “The reality of ebooks

  1. Nothing will replace the printed book will always have the advantage of direct access, while the electronic or digital need a suitable medium to act as interpreter to the reader to grasp the text. The print, therefore, does not die but change. Sceptics think that an eBook can not never replace the traditional because it lacks the romantic touch that many of us have to spend some leisure time. The average is on those who see the advantages of not forgetting about the pleasure they bring others, to the benefit of culture and training.

    While continuing to advance the development and improvement of e-books, it is still early for such a statement, but it is clear that its implementation will be important in an undetermined period of time.

    Thanks for the input.

    Publicado por Oscar Barona - Hechizos para el Amor | agosto 3, 2011, 2:52 pm


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