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Free Gartner reports for Social CRM and Externally-Facing Social Software

They do have an enviable business: every time they release a “magic quadrant” report, the winner pays them to make it widely available. So their reputation is enhanced, and the next winner strives to do the same…

Now, don’t take me wrong. I appreciate Gartner’s tech analyses (not like their future market estimations or financial projections), I’ve used them as input for some decisions even though they usually make an artificially narrow selection of candidates (being analyzed is not cheap, and they usually weight a lot the finances of the company behind the product… so you only ever get solid companies in the picture and no recent startups and other dodgy characters). Heck, I’ve even applied the rating methodology once… And whatever you can say about their criteria, it’s fun to see how they strive to characterize, slice and dice this “social software” field.

Ahem. To return to the issue, since last month it’s Lithium (one of my favourite companies, who have done a great product integration job) who are touting their prowess in the latest Quadrants and sponsoring the giveaway. Just drop by their Resources pages and grab yours. Enjoy.


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