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Bundespräsident Christian Wulf at Lindau: that’s telling them

Mr Wulf was at the opening of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Economic Sciences on the 24th and gave an opening address that should be noted by everyone in the EU and beyond. Because it’s a harbinger of things to come, both if the people in charge heed him… and if they do not.

http://redendatenbank.blogspot.com/2011/08/opening-speech-at-lindau-nobel-laureate.html (thanks Helmut Zermin for the tip).

Mr Wulf explains his views on the lack of fairness, responsibility to future generations, attachment to the game rules, and quality of governance in the present crisis. And he gives a very down-to-earth explanation of his sound criteria against backing somebody else’s debts… AKA the “Eurobond”.

Hats off to you, Mr Bundespräsident. Heck, it sounds like a well-written, to-the-point version of this. And somebody might be listening, too. Not just laureates and a few hundred lucky Economics researchers.


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