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Digging up the old Knowledgeboard.com

Captura de pantalla 2014-03-26 a la(s) 14.31.46As many of you know (especially those involved with knowledge management issues and European Union projects) there once was a project called KnowledgeBoard.com «the online community portal of Key Action II’s European Knowledge Management Forum project».

It started well enough, was featured as “Best of the Web” by Harvard Business School in September 2002, and it became an interesting hub in the matter. I was proud to lend a modest hand as volunteer «SIG editor» to a couple of Special Interest Groups. I wrote a lot, had most interesting conversations, participated in a handful of events, learned a whole lot, made friends to this day… in all, I enjoyed it from 2001 to 2006 or thereabouts. Then I was elected as the first delegate of the volunteer editors to the Steering Committee, didn’t like the terms and flounced out :-). Kept a low activity ever since, so I didn’t even notice when the last incarnation of the project went off the web. I think it was late in 2013, by the signs of it. Don’t really know, I only found out when checking my old articles.

As a collateral damage, the KB’s huge library of interesting content and articles went missing. Which is a shame. I still haven’t found most of the downloads (mine I kept copies of, at least) but it seems the Internet Archive keeps most of the pages accesible over at their Wayback Machine.

It’s been a great morning, re-reading articles and comments and old conversations. So much of what’s being discussed today is really the same things, rediscovered and rehashed again and again. It was more fun the first time.

Anyhow, if you’re interested, there’s the link. If you have further clues about the KB’s content, please share. If you were in at those times, say hello :-).

And in any other case, well, now my Papers links work again.


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