This is the weblog of Miguel Cornejo Castro (if you want a full CV, here is one).

I will be writing about knowledge management, and especially about the use of communities to support business processes within the organization. Mainly, since I like to digress.

This blog does not reflect the points of view or the services offer of my employer. It will mostly reflect the work done for Macuarium Network, a small boutique consultancy that does a slightly pioneering work in this domain, and which I run on the side. Life’s very boring at my “day job”.

Macuarium Network is a small organization built to research and explore the real world at the frontiers of “participation” and “social media”: the web, as built by its users, the different types of collaboration, volunteer management and related issues.

Among our more outstanding work are:

Macuarium.com. A large site and community of practice for creative professionals and Mac users, the reference in Spanish. We run the site and the community.

Knowledgeboard.com. The main portal for the European Union’s knowledge management effort, gathering consultants, researchers and practitioners to share and debate. We collaborate in the running of two SIGs: CoPs, and Human aspects of KM.

“Spanish best practices guide for KM” for AENOR. An attempt to adapt the EU’s reccomendations to the Spanish reality, and to SMEs. We’re members of the Commitee of Experts writing it.

Design, coordination and implementation of a multichannel support for Mac taxpayers for the Spanish IRS (tax service) as subcontractors. We did that, and the design and support of the first Mac version of their PADRE software.

I also engage in specific smaller projects for diverse customers, in the online marketing and community management arena; and speak at different academic (UAM, UCM, U de León…) and business (UE, Mundo Internet, Galician Entrepreneurs Association) venues, and write papers published here and at the Knowledgeboard.com.

Nowadays I can only accept speaking engagements, non-presential work or short (less than six months) projects… short of a full job offer :-).

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4 comentarios en “About

  1. Hi Miguel! I just found your site via a link on Brad Hinton’s blog, and noticed that we all share a number of sites on our blog rolls. You can see my KM blog at delarue.net

    – Keith De La Rue

    Publicado por Keith De La Rue | julio 17, 2007, 5:30 am
  2. I just found your site today and am really enjoying it, thanks!

    Publicado por Curtis Conley | febrero 24, 2008, 5:30 am
  3. Hi Miguel!
    Came across your site today and thought to share with you our new web 2.0 concept, http://www.tourdafrique.com/dreamtours.
    Enabling our market to tell us what they want, DreamTours is a co-creative process that results in turning bicycle touring dreams into realities. Please feel free to review and add info to your site if you feel it adds value.

    Publicado por Theresa Brown | marzo 30, 2010, 2:28 pm


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